Monday, April 16, 2007

Victory over bureaucracy!

jed&sarah....November 2006
Update on papers and others...Today we're experiencing Thanksgiving hangover... only in America i tell you! But what a fun time we had. Did you know that the Pilgrims celbrated Thanksgiving in 1621 for the first time?Pete J. Ellis was our official reader for the event! T'was great having you with us Pete! We also laughed a lot. Laughter sure is good medicin and it helps with digestion too. On the 24th of last month, we had our official marriage interview. It was quite the experience... Our lawyer was there with us and told us that the officer that was appointed to review our case was the toughest one in the whole office... 99% of the complaints (from lawyers and others) are about this particular officer. But God's great grace was upon us, she was extremely polite with us, though she tried to intimidate us from the start. Jediah was great, he was telling her all about us, well, just about, at least... Our case was approved. We celebrated at a little french pastry place ('Patisserie Poupon' is on Baltimore Street, in case anyone is interested in feeling like they are in France for a few minutes) and we found out that the lady working there is from Istanbul!! We practiced our one Turkish word with Nurgul: "Teþekkür ederim"We also just bought our plane tickets to visit AFRICA in January, if the Lord wills. It will be very sweet to see everyone. How crazy that Jediah and I met there when we were 15 and 17??!! and got married 10 years later/ From there we'll see where God will lead us. Though out of the next 3 years, we have to be at least 1 yr 1/2 in the country, we have no intentions of growing too long roots around here (except for spiritual ones) and definitely plan to spread our wings...
6:51 AM