Saturday, March 16, 2013

It rained all day on Thursday, so the construction work on the church's new plot of land was interrupted. perfect! jediah came home earlier than planned, we hopped in the car and set off to visit Kennedy and Chanda, a young couple who visited last sunday. Jediah had met him on outreach abt a month prior to that. as we got closer to their house, we came to what was basically a lake right in the middle of the road. it was clear the car wouldn't make it through. we parked there and finished on foot using a shortcut as Kennedy was leading the way. Through someone's backyard, then between 2 outhouses, ground covered in trash, slippery slopes, finally arriving in a yard- little house made up of 2 side by side rooms (each room for 1 family...), 2 mangoe trees, an old bench, lots of puddles, a few patches of sweet potatoes plants growing, clothes hanging on a long line across the yard. 3 chairs are borrowed from the neighbor, an old t shirt to whipe them down and we sit with our guests. Lili and kezia are already running after the chickens, picking up old mangoes and splashing in mud puddles. I purposely decide not to look, 'all of this is washable' I try to convince myself. Right away, this young couple's difficult situation becomes evident. I am so touched by their lives, I woke up early this morning thinking abt them and praying for wisdom. After Kennedy lost both his parents last year, they moved to Kitwe in hopes of better lives. It has been 7 months now of no work, no money, no relatives around to help (this is huge in Zambia) rent not payed, and often going to bed at night with no food... Their faces are so sweet even as they tell of their misery. Their 4 yr old son warms up to the girls. Chickens are flying as high as they can. CHANDA and I talk abt some small 'business' opportunities. The most realistic one is selling food at the corner of her street. Fritas (zambian doughnuts), popcorn, crackers... those have low starting costs and I told her I might be able to help her with it. Using caution in situations like that is probably the wisest thing to do. There are so many needs everywhere, we could be doing this all day and not have enough time with a lifetime. But my heart is deeply touched and I can't deny it. KENNEDY hops in the car with us to show us the way out and makes a statement that almost brought tears to my eyes. Of all my years in Africa, I've never heard a husband talk like that of his wife, especially being in the situation they're in. He said: "I have to say one thing abt my wife, she doesn't ask for the things that other people have, she is very patient..." You would have to know this culture to know how touching this is. Charles is a faithful disciple in our church who makes and sells crackers to retailers for a living. I think selling those would be a great start for Chanda. We'll start with KR 50 ($10) worth of crackers, abt 25 little packs and see if she can sell them fast enough to be profitable for their family. Yesterday a big quantity of wood and cement was delivered on the church property and a night guard was needed to guaranty they would still be there in the morning. Kennedy was asked to fill the job for the next 3 days! Praise God, God is already answering my prayers and giving him work. He's a taxi driver but without a license, noone will let him drive their car in Kitwe. We will look into how much that costs. Please pray for them, we have encouraged them to put God first and to see what He will do. I am excited to be part of their lives someway or another.

Friday, March 15, 2013


... to the most faithful and edifying follower of our blog/lives! Rachael Umstead your comments are always SO uplifting, don't stop.