Thursday, November 05, 2009

ever so relentlessly

The 5th Proverb this morning was so piercing and yet sweet.
wisdom is crying again. "drink from your own water! why should your springs run in public places?"
are the sources of my life found in common place, thoughts originated in the flesh, in something as good as human rationality, or natural morality... the discernment of right or wrong has never brought forth Life.
can the dreams i have for my life be found on a computer screen or in a fantasy book? what a waste of goodness! such goodness He has for those who walk uprightly, He multiplies and makes blossom, He enriches and adds no sorrow, He encourages the weary and enpowers with divinity.
The promise of a kiss from God bountifully suffices every yearning the human heart may feel.
Oh the carefulness of His gentle, gentle love, the faithfulness of His commitment to our relationship, the determined perseverance to relentlessly draw me back to the Springs of my life.