Friday, December 17, 2010


Well... so far nothing specific has come out -long story- BUT a couple days ago the owner of a 'cottage' (smaller house behing bigger house, called servant quarters back in the day) just a few houses from the armans knocked on our door. We are scheduled to go look at it this morning... The location is even better!! I hope the price is great too! They even have a chicken coop in the back :)

We are finally getting a break from the rain after 2 weeks of almost constant rain. Heat is also back but it's been staying in the low to mid-80s. Zambia is generally on the cooler side and has even been named the 'air conditioned african country'!

A few of us are a little under the weather, some with chiki (diarrhea) others with nausea and callia and poema with a cough. Life goes on, P Chris made everybody French Toast on this beautiful day off (As Fridays are on Zambia Team) Right now the girls are playing outside and the parents are catching up on the net -thanks to neighbors internet connection which we can connect to every now and then!

Julie's mom is here visiting for a few weeks!

We are getting more involved with visiting church members, it's quite something to see people in their environments. Last week, Julie, Sophie and I visited a precious church member who through tears told us she was once married and had been recently tested positive for HIV. Her frail body and constant sicknesses testified to the horror of the facts... In Zambia, 1 out of 5 people have AIDS and the ratio is even higher in urban areas...
Imagine; life expectancy is 33.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Ok, so after walking in the neighborhood for 5 hours today and knocking on every single door, Jediah finally came upon a property with a duplex, each with 2 bedrooms. They are asking for more than we can afford but T.I.A! (THIS IS AFRICA) and we're going to meet with the owner tomorrow to bargain :) Please PRAY that he would be touched by God and give it to us for the price we can afford!!! The location is right (close to P Renaldo's house) safety is good (property has wall all around) and though the kitchen only has a sink in it, no cabinets etc, the entire place is in great condition!
We are somewhat in unbelief -yet believing- but if this works out for us it looks like we could move in in january...!! Which beats the 3 long months it took some team members to find a place.
The Armans place is a miracle, so we have faith ours can be too!