Saturday, February 09, 2008

Please Keep Praying...

The devil is after our health... I woke up this morning as if I had gotten sick all over again.
It's so interesting, as P. Matti says, because it's right at the threshold of great things God is doing through us here in Turkey. The music ministry is taking off, so much joy, freshness, peace, ect... and so many other things. Okay, thanks YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Sarah has still not caught what I have and that's a miracle since we lie in the same bed nearly all day.

Thanks for the prayers!!!

Yesterday Sarah and I suddenly felt better after what had been the worst day prior to that. We nearly lost our marbles, then like a breath of fresh wind, we knew people were praying for us. Sarah wasn't nauscious all day, and I felt much better. We are still struggling with both a cold and the nausea so please keep our health in prayer!

I really felt like we were at the end of our capacity to be here, once again. But then I cried out and said God if you want us to stay here in Turkey than you need to make both of us feel better immediately. It's funny, but he did just that the next day. I seriously was already making plans to come home. Then He spoke and I realized once again he had a great purpose in our sickness. He is teaching us absolute Grace, where we can't do anything but God gets all the glory. I am so happy to be here in Turkey. It's not a place I feel or ever felt called to, but I understand that God has placed us here for such a time as this, to do something here, but especially to do something in us. I couldn't help but think of the apostle Paul and his 14 years after he was saved where God was working in him and not yet through him. Yes God is working through us but honestly the greatest work is what's taking place in my heart and mind.

Jedi D.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Need your prayers!

Hello friends, we need your prayers especially these days. Sarah has "morning sickness" it's actually all day and night sickness- very challenging. She's been in bed for the past two weeks. Today I am very sick with some kind of flu - I've been in bed all day too. Please pray that Sarah won't get sick with whatever I have on top of being pregnant. In spite of the challenges, we are staying very encouraged with the body life here, and listening to messages from Baltimore.

IBI - Istanbul Bible Institute, started up again last week with a full load of classes- 15 credits, and many students: 2 Nigerian disciples - Cliff and Shelter who sing and play drums for our worship services! 2 Sisters from Iran- Tannaz and Sheila who have been with us since the first conference in 2003. A turkish Pastor from another church and his two friends who long for deeper doctrine and attend all the classes. Yves- our faithful French/Swiss/Cypriot friend who is loving the word of God and also teaching us Turkish twice a week. Gabriel - a new friend from outreach, who hasn't missed a thing since P. Julian met him three weeks ago. Miriam - our dear fellow missionary with another ministry, she translates Niyazi's class from Turkish to English. Fanny - from France who is here for 5 weeks, progressing in her English acquisition. Many Turkish visitors - who come as they please. And 12 Team Members make the Istanbul Bible Institute quite a notable event!

Please pray also for the plans for Euro-Con. That many who would like to go from here would be able to.