Saturday, August 04, 2007

on Tombaz Street in the Taksım area.

the living room, wıth a pull out couch for future vısıtors
hall between LR and kıtchen / entrance ıs on the left

our bathroom

our kıtchen
oops i just erased the pic, no time to dowload it right now!

the vıew from our bedroom (full bed and dresser) wıth tiny balcony

thıs is one of the views just a few streets from ours.

the apartment accross the street from ours!

now THAT's an addition ıf i've ever seen one....

The apartment ıs more expensıve than we had planned but ıt seems ımpossıble to have started off wıth no furnıture at all. ı can't even ımagıne what ıt would be like to be running around everywhere trying to buy a frying pan, a couch, a bed, a stove top etc... wıth lımıted funds - which we couldn't have afforded all at once anyway. There's already so much to do wıth just dealıng wıth food, our bank, fındıng our way around etc. God certainly lead us to thıs apartment whıch also happens to be rıght behind P. matti's!
did i sound a little discumbabulated??!

tryıng to upload pıcs.... on thıs turkısh computer ıs quıte a challenge.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

arrived at destination

July 31, 2007

- How is the weather (hmm, can't find the question mark on this turkish keyboard) I asked a custom agent
- It's calm.
And so it is as he described, 'not hot, not cold' - Ok a little on the hot side.

It was a rather eventless trip; no major delays, the amp made it with no damage, only 2 missing luggage out of 9, buying a tourist visa at the Atartuk Airport *it's free for french nationality ) climbing Nyazi's 4 flights of stairs, meeting his lovely wife Irada, eating some delicious Azeri rice and vegetables, shower, nap/
At the Dulles Airport, a kind Massachusset Roseta Stone Sales person informed us of the special deal of the day; Find someone who will buy a language program and the 2 of you get a significant discount. Our flight was delayed just enough to bring an interested customer, who in no time became buyer, allowing us to get the long awaited TURKISH level 1. We were very excited. A 'man' in Turkish is Adam!

This is how i found jediah when i came out of the shower . Stuying Turkish. It's all about faith rest after all.

////Photo to be posted... as soon as we find the cord...////

On our way back from our little 2 year wedding anniversary celebration at Chincoteague Island, we read part of the story of Adoniram and Nancy Judson. They studied the Burmese language 12 hours a day when they first got there. It also took them 1 year to get to Burma by boat. Hmm. How things have changed.

It hardly felt like being in another country for a while until the voice that cries in the cities woke us up from our dreams. Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,,,, etc... It must have been around 5 pm. Indeed this is not America!
- though i think we could all use daily reminders for prayer!
I'll never forget the 1st time we heard the call for prayer. We were on our way to our honeymoon, driving from casablanca, Morroco to Marrakesh.... It's the middle of the night, we stop at a tiny little gas station in the middle of absolute no where. the idea is to get some coffee for our driver who is litterally falling asleep on us. that gas station also happens to have its own tower with a loud speaker at the top. When the yelling starts, jediah wakes up from his sleep and his first thought is: We're being attacked by a flock of cows...!!

we're meeting with p matti at 6 tonight and tomorrow the search for an apartment begins.