Thursday, November 08, 2007

Playing 'spoon game' after sunday dinner.
L to R: Zamira fromUzbekistan, Sarah, Jediah, John and Mehmet

an amazing devotion by P Matti

It is amazing how God allows Satan to come so close to us . Even when we desire to do good solely, evil is present with us. Rom. 8:21 This is discouraging, but victorious in the same time. God doesn’t give Satan a choice. He has to be present in our lives. This is a part of his judgment.He has to daily witness how the glory of God is revealed inour earthen vessels. This is his humiliation in the midst of his ostensible success. (at our team mtg he added: and God shoves Satan's face into those erthen vessels!)
I’m sure that every time when a child of God chooses to give and receive grace tons of frustration is experienced in the demon world. We don’t defeat demon armies by shouting louder. They are incapacitated by the sweet words of forgiveness. Evil is strangely present in the church too. Again, I think that God doesn’t give Satan a choice. He has to "go to church”. This is where God displays his glory today. It is not seen in the golden decorations of ancient buildings. God is glorified in human relationships, when believers choose to look beyond failures in order to see one another’s needs. “But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.” I Pet.5:10

The conference is starting tonight. HOS GELDINIZ !!

Turk-Con ‘07


7 PM Opening Dinner at Dilek Restaurant, Istiklal St. 341

10-12 AM Session at Richmond Hotel, Istiklal St. 445
6-8 PM Art Exhibition Opening “from my window” at Istanbul YMMO Gallery, Istiklal St. 146
8 PM Trio Voce Concert, at Santa Maria Church, Istiklal St. 429

10-12 AM Session at Richmond Hotel, Istiklal St. 445
3-5 PM Session at Richmond Hotel, Istiklal St. 445
6 PM Trio Voce Concert, at Notre Dame De Sion, Cumhurriyet St. 205

10-12 AM Service at Richmond Hotel, Istiklal St. 445
12 PM Trio Voce Concert, Istiklal St. 186/2
6 PM Potpourri Concert, Istiklal St. 186/2

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


mom, i'm so sorry i didn't call you back yesterday. And you were so kind to not even mention it... I'm so sorry and i love you so much I wanted a lot of people to read it!...

ta sarah

Sunday, November 04, 2007

MIRACLES HAPPEN in THE 20th century

We got a washing machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple angels at the Cafe in Baltimore collected some money and another angel wrote a big fat check - that knocked us off our feet!
Our fingers and our backs are smiling, our clothes smell good, and rules were established right away with restrictions on water use for the washer!!! Water is not free here in Turkey. Have you heard of 3 mn showers? They work I guess. Soon there'll be 17 of us in the house..... (shhh don't tell our landlady) So we'll be reinforcing that one rule in particular!!!

My dear friend Myriam Pavlickova is arriving Tuesday!!
Please pray for all the million details that have to happen before thursday.
Pray particularly for P Matti's exhibition opening night on friday. Turish people are very fond of those and we are expecting to meet a totatlly different type of people there.

Visitors from all around the world are already arriving, thursday being the 'record day' with 25 persons arriving on that day!!!!

Welcome to TURK-CON 2007!