Sunday, August 04, 2013

and so time is fleeting

I am forseeing this blog  will be succinct. I don't even know where to start!
We landed in Baltimore end of May. Gdpa and gdma Tanguay had 2 bedrooms ready for us, super hospitable and sweet. some of the foods we missed in the fridge. 2 weeks later jediah already has 2 part-time jobs lined up. one is a home based business the other working as a sailing instructor at Gunpowder park. life is already going full -american- speed! the girls and I caught a stomach virus and were really ill for over a week. more sick than I remember ever being sick in my adult life. welcome back to the states! convention is approaching. my parents have already made it to france and on their way to Canada before finally hitting Baltimore. the girls are super excited! when I told kezia papili and mamilie were coming she said: NOW I CAN TELL MY HEART TO STOP MISSING THEM. I love that girl. my pregnancy is going well. we don't have health insurance so can't schedule to be seen yet. the Wednesday of convention  week we sign papers for an apartment in Middle River MD! newly renovated, brand new kitchen appliances, balcony with great view on the woods, access to a pool, playground, great location: 30 second walk to Target, Chick fil-a, bank of America etc. The whole story of how we got that particular appt is a miracle actually. Friends and family generously donated furniture and other items and now, a month later, we feel settled and at home. This transition, though rather smooth has been more stressful than we were willing to admit. We started off again with NOTHING, not a penny, 2 kids and 1 on the way, which pple usually do when they first get married. but it has put us on the right track from the beginning: TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART- ACNOWLEDGE HIM IN ALL YOUR WAYS, AND *HE* WILL MAKE YOUR PATH STRAIGHT.
Kitwe and Zambia in general is on our hearts -and we miss it!!- tho from a distance now and we are so thankful to be able to continue to support financially those we were already supporting. There are some amazing pple there. The Speedy family were able to move into our old house. The church is growing and the building projects are going forward! Jediah hopes to visit this Fall.
Some things Kezia has said lately. "What house will we be in when I have my birthday this year?" precious little traveler... and the other day: What would happen if we lived forever?? me: what do you think? her: i think we could visit ALLLLL the countries of the world! LOL
Liliana is a little sunshine. she's adding more words to her vocabulary list every day. she loves to say hi to our neighbors and makes friends easily. she'll be 2 next week! she is the pacifier of the family, always wanting to kiss booboos, say sorry you got hurt, here's some of my snack etc. Her and kezia are getting along better and better. it's now less than 2 weeks to my due date. I get very entertained by random strangers predictions on when i'll have this baby. I do admit my belly is huge! i still have lots of energy, have been painting the girls room, decorating, refinishing a dresser and a mirror and now we are tackling some painting in the living room as probably our last house project before baby gets here. actually I have a dream of making us a coffee table (last item we haven't been able to get) with recycled pallets (this style but with a white wash finish: we finally have state medical insurance .this baby should be born at st joe's hospital like her oldest 2 sisters. We are so grateful for all our friends who have been continuing to pray for us and encouraging us. we truly are surrounded by amazing people. and so this concludes the very non-exhaustive tale of our last and first 3 months. I imagine the next blog will be a baby announcement. :) soooooooooooooooo excited. (no name yet tho!!!)