Tuesday, May 24, 2011


exactly a week ago, we were landing on US soil, after a wonderfully long trip. 2 10 hr flights and a 22 hr layover in london. the long layover turned out to be a blessing. -thanks to Kathy Corbiere- we spent it in a charming/inexpensive little hotel in the suburb of the city right accross from a park -with such lovely cherry trees, the cherries were alllllmost ripe- and THE best breakfast i can remember ever having/ which came as a shock since we were on british territory.... i mean, i'm french come on! :)

We are absolutely BLESSED to have been able to come back to our appartment -as we left it- furnished and ready to go /the cherry on the top: a FULL refrigerator thanks to an amazing mother-in-law...!
and a car that works! The transition has just been sooo smooth. We are very thankful.

Last saturday morning I took Kezia to visit our dear Gemma at the nursing home. She remembered her from last year. When she saw the building she said: This is where she is in her bed! the pictures are from last yr, i didn't have my camera this time. I just love to watch kezia give of her joy and love to 'miss gemma' and learn to minister that way. She did give a hard time to a sweet old black lady who called her baby; kezia frowned at her and said: I'm not a baby i'm a girl! :)
Last time we had brought her a little flower to put in her hair, she glowed! and this time we braided her hair and took her out on the patio, she kept putting her hand on her chest and letting out a huge happy sigh, her eyes taking in the birds, the clouds, the trees and flowers.

We love miss gemma sooo very much...

Tomorrow we head out to West Palm Beach to visit some dear friends. The church there has been supporting us this year and we are so incredibly -once again- blessed. Pray that our car will make it, that kezia will have a special grace for the car seat-after not using one for 6 months! and for $ to cover the whole trip. We are also hoping to visit the Clearwater church and stop by some relatives' in north carolina, and the Saddlers (Rob and Sally, for those who remember them!) probably on the way back.