Saturday, April 13, 2013

OUR KEZIA! 4 and a half. Today she comes in the kitchen and says to me - totally randomly: Now i know why i have to go to school! so that when i'm a mama and my children ask me about the gospel of God i can tell them what it is! she is so sweet. yes she drives us nuts, but her heart is so, so tender. I have to get motivated again for home schooling. It's all by faith right? sending a child to school or home schooling them, it's a decision to be made by faith. i told her that mothers and daughters have to hug many times a day, and so she wholeheartedly reminds me of that and hugs and hugs with those big grey-green eyes and smile to her ears...

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

so this is the car we drive here in Zambia, it's a Spacio, THE car that all taxi drivers drive in kitwe... you might remember me mentioning that. A week or so ago, I went downtown with the girls, parked in front of the main grocery store, wasn't inside more than 15 mn that 2 guys tap on my shoulder and ask if I am driving a Spacio and had parked in front of the store and that I better hurry out because the Police is out there, thinking it's a taxi and are getting ready to 'bust' my car.... By the time I got out there, the police had left and there was a huge crowd of mostly guys all talking at once, letting me know how lucky I was that they were able to convince the police that the car wasn't a taxi, as they were getting ready to puncture my tires and who knows what else... Apparently the police has been working hard lately at 'convincing' taxis to not park in customer spots. I have to say it was my first positive 'mob experience' in Africa. Noone trying to intimidate, or asking for compensation -ie money; we actually all laughed together at the irony of this white lady driving a 'taxi'! Well it's nice to know even pple you don't know are watching your back! ...................................................................................... I asked Benson the other day, how is it that there are pick pockets in many parts of town, but almost every other house has a little table on the street with some type of goods they are selling, with NO one to watch the goods but they don't get stolen?? his answer was 'It's the community. everyone is watching out for each other in the neighborhood'. ...................................................................................... You might remember Kennedy and Chanda from a few weeks back. The building developments on our church land required a night guard and Kennedy was hired for the job!! Praise God! an answer to his and our prayers. Chanda has been ill lately and we haven't seen her in church yet. Her husband told me yesterday that she still attends UCZ (United Church of Zambia) where they used to go to together, but maybe with time she'll start coming out with her husband. We are still in the 'try outs' of a little business idea for her. ...................................................................................... ZAM-CON was really enjoyable for me this year!!! We got to stay at a very decent lodge, along with Renee Beland, Barbara Hill and Istvan Pirgeri aka Pirgi. Seeing all our friends from LUSAKA, SOUTH AFRICA, AMERICA, PHILIPPINES and ETC was soooo refreshing. Here's a quick MOMMY-MOMENT, just as a testimony of the very special leaders we have. It was sunday night, the last night of the conference; ordination, many messages, lots of awesome music etc. But that's only what i was told. I was outside in the dark (and pitch black for a while as the whole property lost power for almost an hour) with the 2 girls, trying to entertain them, keep them from getting hurt and picking up trash to play with and having given up on avoiding their red dirt covered hands and feet. When the session was just about to end, we went in the conference hall and sat in the back, i was exhausted, done with the kids craziness, and just wanted to ask around, has anyone else noticed how long this has been going on for???! yeah. i was not pretty to look at or talk to. All the while, the pastors are up front praying for pple or something of the sort. That's when Jediah appears all clean in his white shirt and tie and let's me know P Scibelli wants the Armans, Speedys and Tanguays on stage to pray for us. I *almost* L O L. I was filthy, upset, stinky and on the verge of disowning my children. Sure i would love to go up on stage right now. Jediah could read those words all over my face i guess because he added: faith? i wanted to say: you did not just play that card on me. He picked up both girls and i just got up and -reluctantly- followed. On the stage we quickly arranged in a semi circle around p scibelli, the Speedys, Micah sleeping on his dad's shoulder, the Arman family, and us. P Scibelli bowed his head to pray for us, one hand on each person on the end of the circle. Now, him bowing his head means you are pretty much looking into his face if you didn't close your eyes- like i didn't -of course. "Father, I thank you for these families..." and right there after those words his face broke in a sob he was trying very hard to hold back. He barely paused for more than 10 seconds but it was clear he fought those tears back reeeeally hard. Well, that's all my stinky crusty heart needed to hear/see, to soften up and be thankful again. Thankful for this man who preached forever tonight, thankful for the red dirt all over my clothes and my kids bodies, thankful for a husband who annoys me with his Faith, thankful for God who shows me how much i have to be thankful for... P Scibelli's heart was all over his face, this leather tanned face, this sometimes harsh italian looking face, all over it you could see care and love. That was an unforgettable face to face with our missions director.