Tuesday, January 22, 2008


(sometime in September)We appreciate your prayers for perfect guidance for the exciting and scarry upcoming months! :)

poem written by P. Mechti Suleyman

Because of love there’s hope for man
Because of love he smiles again
His life has purpose to fulfill
He now can pray and care and build

He is no more afraid to die
He sees God’s face unvailed with smile
He realizes he is loved
He’s friend to Christ, he’s son to God

He now is thankful for the Cross
God has forknown him, this he knows
Christ has provided all he needs
God covers him on earth and leads

God’s life has now replaced man’s dark
Christ’s resurrection makes him walk
Now he has power from above
Now he’s endued with caring love

He’s wisdom now that comes from love
He can be patient and up front
Enjoys he quietness a lot
But when he speaks - God can be heard

Christ came for me to give me life
That would be different from mine
Words can’t depict my inner bliss
My soul is thriving – I’m released

Moreover, Christ has promised me
To lead me on and never leave
I am secure, I’m fulfilled
In God my life with Christ is hid

God’s love is warm inside my soul
The Holy Spirit’s gentle so
He sheds Christ’s love within my heart
He feeds me doctrine from above

I set my mind on things above
Discovering unfading love
I gaze into the Word of Christ
His righteousness does make me wise

My heart is ruled by Finished Work
My mind considers Christ enthroned
Convictions fill my conscience out
Emotions mine are healthy, stout

When You abode alone on high
Back then You had me on Your mind!
You couldn’t live detached from me
You died so I am now redeemed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008