Saturday, May 18, 2013


The girls with Benson in front of the 'church' . This tent was imported from South Africa
and we have been meeting under its white and blue tarp for a couple months now!
Benson is the leader in charge while P. Adam is away. A great man!

The Bible College guys dorm being built (it was actually just recently finished)
under the skillful eye of Lili. This dorm has curently 5 guys that are the pillars of the church

Making n'shima one work night while Jediah and the guys were finishing up building benches. Threw some old wood boards together, a bunch of dried grass, a match 
and a fire was roaring. water (i don't even want to think
about where the water came from - but at least it got boiled) 

and some corn flour, makes this doughy staple
in Zambian and many of africa's cultures. 

KEZIA in her normal state of mind :) She's helping with cooking and helping with building the benches, you know, sitting on side of the bench to hold it while someone is nailing the other end of it, that kind of super helpful help. and later when it got dark and there were more benches to build, she held the flash light, steady like a champ.

What they call 'relish' is a type of sauce or side that you eat with N'shima. It usually consists of some type of vegetable leaf (our favorite is Sweet Potatoe Leaf and Bondwe) cooked down to a type of spinach casserole. This one is 'relish' at it's most basic state; sliced up cabbage, a few tomatoes and salt. 

This picture was taken abt an hour later, in the complete dark -which is why it's not focused- when we all gathered around the meal. Since we were to all eat out of one pot, I was lucky to help myself and the girls first before everyone converged! ;) Notice the second relish (made of eggs and tomatoes) was served in a plastic bag for a lack of pot. Jediah scored a 'plate' to dish out some food, a pot lid really. 

Lili and Kezia usually have individual room/play time once a day, and that particular day, Lili dumped her stuffed animal box on the bed and fell asleep on top of them. 

Kezia watching Bagel sleep on her bed.

We threw a surprise birthday party for one of the worship team members but that day -of course- not one person showed up!!! So we turned it into a karaoke family party and danced and sang and ate the cake ourselves :)

Pray for our precious Astridah (you might remember her from a  previous blog, she recently got married to Charles, our first wedding here in Kitwe) she was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. Here at the hospital with her favorite nurse!

None other than "Cheche", the youth leader and radio program DJ. Our Zambian  P Love :)

                 Charles (who recently got married) translating for Benson on the right. 

Jediah teaching Chileshe (Cheche as lili would say) the guitar. Notice the piano stand...

Memory's sweet baby girl, Nalu getting a bottle during a rap session. I am also posting this photo to remind myself  to not look over my glasses, i despise it and i think 
it makes anyone 'look' 10 years older!!!

Cooking with mama. love.

This is the hot guy that purposes to take me on a date every week. Yeah, he's cool. 


and so on this beautiful Zambian fall afternoon i made my first
ever batch of homemade dark chocolate!
it is out of this world delicious. and did i say it's also healthy. yup.
it took 5 mn to make and it has opened my  mind to whole new
world of possibilities...
i made mini chocolate chips out of the batch so we can have
chocolate chip cookies later today.
I mean, mission field or not, a girls' gotta keep winning her
man's heart after all!
mini choc chips. rather therapeutic.

source and recipe:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


every time that kick or turn or move or rub is felt in the womb i still wonder at the miracle, the oddness, the magic of it... 
who are you? you! little person growing inside of me and 
with every passing day i just can't wait to meet this new human being 
whose heart has been beating almost from conception, 
a little soft face and wiggly toes, your eyelashes and tiny fingernails, 
to hear that newborn cry that depends on me for sustenance and love and life... ahhhhhh little baby... you were a surprise to us 
but we sure are crazy about you now...