Sunday, October 22, 2006

Moving in Faith

"Show me there's more than what this world is living for, 'cause i'm movin' in faith!"
Jadon Lavik

Living in the new man, knowing that all things are mine, not living in the 'older son' syndrome... The prodigal -maybe his name was Jacob?- experienced personified Grace. Levi (??) shows up and judges from the outside, not knowing he belonged inside!! Shifting into a grace experience, moving in faith, join the party of forgiveness and forgetfulness!

We are travailing in prayer for the leading of God in the coming months. Tuesday, October 24, 2006 is our official marriage interview!! Our license to travel as missionaries. The rest is yet to be told.


tanguayz said...

proud to be your first comment... thanks for the recent messages that you left us and whats this about Cairo, Egypt??? Move over Red Sea! We love you guys, oh yeah, we just got internet at our home and we bought a web cam so maybe you can help mom and dad get setup and we can have family time on the web! Love you guyz, thats great you built mom a new mailbox, send us a pic.

Andrew, Misty, Grant & Reese said...

Good Morning Jed and Sarah. Wasn't Pst. Schaller's class awesome last night!? Jediah, it was great having a moment to speak with you last night. Thank you for your and Sarah's commitment to the early service worship team. I really look forward to getting to know you both more. We (my wife and I) will be praying for you guys as you consider the future God has planned for you. See you soon.