Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Begining the Story

With P. Matti - Summer 2006

Annual Convention in Baltimore 06 - Sarah and I were praying with all our hearts desiring to draw near and be sent out. We had our hearts directed towards Africa missions, During the missions night message by P. Matti, God spoke to our hearts that we needed to go with 'this' man. I was fearful of the thought to be in a Muslim country, but excited to know God had gotten our attention. I had to quit my comfy job at Johns Hopkins in order to go, but I could sense God's momentum, so I bought a ticket to visit Turkey a week later. While I was there, I had many objections in my heart to the idea of us moving there, and even on being ready for the mission field. With two days left in my stay I condensed all my objections into just three words. "There you have it God, I cannot go because of those things." I was not expecting what came next. Without speaking a word to anyone about this conversation in my heart, P. Matti spoke three specific messages on these three specific words and ways to conquer them through the Spirit. God rejected all my objections and then and there I knew it was His deep calling unto the deep... I'll never forget this last one "Selfishness will be dealt with on team life." On my plane ride home the words of Jesus on the cross came to me as I had never understood them before and I agreed with God in the prayer "Father, Into Thy hands I commit my spirit."

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