Sunday, May 06, 2007

Building yourself up in the most holy Faith!

"Insecurity is realy a person believing a lie about themselves. The things that God thinks about us are so amazing. If we will just speak to ourselves more often the things He thinks about us we will be such confident people." P. Matti July 06

Speaking to ourselves is an important aspect of the faith life.

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Andrew, Misty, Grant & Reese said...

Hey Jediah...First thanks for singing for the 8:30 service! Amazing how this posting so clearly lines up with Pst. Schibelli's message last night. That even over time God's word never changes for us. Same topic, same spirit, same message (Jude 20) same God!!! What a joy to see men of God walking in the Spirit. Look forward to reading more from you. We'll be praying for Turkey!