Sunday, August 26, 2007


A kiss before Turkish class starts!

....picture censured, sorry....

Visiting a new friend's jewelry store with Yann and Zlata

Servet, our new armenian friend and owner of the jewelry store, pray that he would visit the church!

2 young guys came to church tonight ... unbeknowned to them! Jediah met the first, Faruk, on the second day after we arrived in Istanbul. He helped Jediah pick out the right plug converter for our american devices. Earlier this afternoon, he called and wants to meet him for coffee. We meet in Kabatas, where the ferry touches land from the Asian side and greet him and his young cousin Ali. After a little detour by the park we offer them to show them our church "where Jediah is playing music at tonight" . "It's not a big church with a big building and all! " we explain, as cathedral looking edifices are the only frame of reference most Turks have when it comes to the term 'church'.
They were very attentive throughout the whole service - Jediah and P Jozsef preached- and thanked Jediah afterward for bringing them here. Please pray with us for them!

Coffee in front of an old mosque, but it's only fake light.

At night on the ferry

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Dad Tang said...

Hi everybody, we love you and are praying the jabez prayer for team Turkey.