Thursday, September 06, 2007

funny facts~!

Here are some peculiarities (is that a word?) that i have come accross or noticed in Istanbul. Hope you find them as interestering as i did!

RED SEA - amplified version

P Matti met a young man in the park not far from the church that actually lives in the park. They exchanged a long conversation and P. Matti promised to bring him some clothes the following day. One highlight moment of their conversation was when the lad offered his version the Exodus, that he strongly belived was the truth:
-"And the Prophet Isa (Jesus) opened the Red Sea and all the Muslims walked through!!!!"


Some Turkish people fear the 'evil eye'. (which brings bad luck) To protect themselves from it, they hang a "counter-eye" in their houses, on the back of their kids clothing etc, hoping to ward off evil spirits.


Don't be mistaken: if you ask a Turkish bus driver if his bus goes to Sirinevler (or wherever else you wish to go) and he answers you with an upward nod of the head along with a simultaneous raising of the eye brows, DON'T get on his bus. It means 'no'!

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