Friday, September 21, 2007

The sun rose on cooler Istanbul, what a relief from the past very hot weeks. We're also feeling a little better, still recovering though!... P Matti traveled to Ankara to get a new passport. He should be back in a couple days. P Joszi is back with little Rebecca. What an adorable child!
Sunday we are scheduled to finally move into the TEAM HOUSE! Today we'll be picking out paint, light fixtures and such things. And after that, one of our first purchase is going to be a fridge. Keep us in your prayers as we set out to furnish this big house, little by little, which is quite an undertaking since we have yet to figure out the best places to acquire those.
We are excitedly anticipating the soon coming birth of our nephew Levi... in a couple hours we were told!

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Dad Tang said...

Hi: Saw Levi today very handsome like his Father aND Grandfather. He did a big poop like his uncle. Glad you are feeling better I am too, the weather has been cooling down here to, but is supposed to be hot and humid tomorrow. Did P. Matti look underneath his desk? Hayley painted her room narvaho clay. Furniture is overated it makes the house seem smaller and clutered. ( Nothing is as strong as gentleness and nothing is as gentle as true strength )