Saturday, August 04, 2007

on Tombaz Street in the Taksım area.

the living room, wıth a pull out couch for future vısıtors
hall between LR and kıtchen / entrance ıs on the left

our bathroom

our kıtchen
oops i just erased the pic, no time to dowload it right now!

the vıew from our bedroom (full bed and dresser) wıth tiny balcony

thıs is one of the views just a few streets from ours.

the apartment accross the street from ours!

now THAT's an addition ıf i've ever seen one....

The apartment ıs more expensıve than we had planned but ıt seems ımpossıble to have started off wıth no furnıture at all. ı can't even ımagıne what ıt would be like to be running around everywhere trying to buy a frying pan, a couch, a bed, a stove top etc... wıth lımıted funds - which we couldn't have afforded all at once anyway. There's already so much to do wıth just dealıng wıth food, our bank, fındıng our way around etc. God certainly lead us to thıs apartment whıch also happens to be rıght behind P. matti's!
did i sound a little discumbabulated??!


Ben, Susanna, and little Camden said...

thats a nice crib>>>> We were excited to hear you got into a place so soon. great pics and I really enjoyed seeing the photo of jediah studying turksih in the post below!
What is it like there, your schedule, public transport...etc. Susanna and I never spent so much time together as we did in Croatia. It was awesome to do so much ministry together and be at the house during down time or walks through the city. we love you and are praying for you.

Andrew, Misty, Grant & Reese said... looks like things are really coming along for you. Looks like a cool little place you found there. We are trusting God for you both and are anticipating amazing things to come. Can't wait to hear the ways your lives will impact the people of Turkey. Until next time...1Tim. 1:12 (where you see the word "me"...use your name)