Monday, February 04, 2008

Need your prayers!

Hello friends, we need your prayers especially these days. Sarah has "morning sickness" it's actually all day and night sickness- very challenging. She's been in bed for the past two weeks. Today I am very sick with some kind of flu - I've been in bed all day too. Please pray that Sarah won't get sick with whatever I have on top of being pregnant. In spite of the challenges, we are staying very encouraged with the body life here, and listening to messages from Baltimore.

IBI - Istanbul Bible Institute, started up again last week with a full load of classes- 15 credits, and many students: 2 Nigerian disciples - Cliff and Shelter who sing and play drums for our worship services! 2 Sisters from Iran- Tannaz and Sheila who have been with us since the first conference in 2003. A turkish Pastor from another church and his two friends who long for deeper doctrine and attend all the classes. Yves- our faithful French/Swiss/Cypriot friend who is loving the word of God and also teaching us Turkish twice a week. Gabriel - a new friend from outreach, who hasn't missed a thing since P. Julian met him three weeks ago. Miriam - our dear fellow missionary with another ministry, she translates Niyazi's class from Turkish to English. Fanny - from France who is here for 5 weeks, progressing in her English acquisition. Many Turkish visitors - who come as they please. And 12 Team Members make the Istanbul Bible Institute quite a notable event!

Please pray also for the plans for Euro-Con. That many who would like to go from here would be able to.

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Andrew said...

Hey there! Love your updates! It is so encouraging to be able to share in a small portion of what God is doing in Istanbul. We will totally pray for you both and especially Sarah.
In Him,