Monday, March 03, 2008


We've had great expectations for this years Euro-Con for sometime now. Last week, our plans changed spontaneously. We were planning to go for just 3 days but suddenly it became clear that wasn't going to work for us. With exactly enough money to purchase the cheaper tickets to Vienna, we decided to move on Faith! :) Saturday we arrived in Vienna for the Vienna-Con with P. Barry Quirk- guest pastors Steve Andrulonis and P. Drew. Great men of God from Vienna were there also like P. Pavel, P. Arpi, and P. Dragon.

The first night we checked into the youth hostel and made our way to the evening concert, where we were so built up by the inspired, vibrant, and tallented group of young and older from Budapest, singing with all their hearts and faith! The opening message by P. Drew floored me, it was all that I had been desperately needing to hear and I was ready with pen in hand to hold onto those precious words.

Isaiah said "Woe is me, I am a man undone"- "Who is telling you that Isaiah? Let those other high thoughts be delivered from you. Then the angels took a 'LIVE coal' off the alter. We need to be TOUCHED WITH A LITTLE LIFE HERE! God wants to take the you out of you. There are other high thoughts- but we are to think soberly- Let this mind be in you! Cast down every thought that exalts itself. We know nothing as we ought to know it."

Well the morning message by Pastor Foster was amazing also "take the simple simplistic answers of the bible and dip in the river 7 times!" Let's get wet all over. Let's continue in faith. Commenting on marriage counselling he said "Maybe some couples should come out to church and develop a capacity in their soul to deal with some of those huge overwhelming issues like passing the salt." :)

P. Barry had compassion on me and found a place for me in the van back to Budapest. And there was a spot for Sarah in one of the cars. We arrived in Budapest and are staying with the Schirmers- P. Jim and Marta (who went on a couple day trip leaving us their beautiful appartment all to ourselves- what a sweet short relief from the team-house!!) God knows our personal needs!

Our faith is desperate these days, and God is so very real and prescious.

Oh one last very incredible miracle. Sarah has been sick in bed for over one month - with all day extreme morning sickness, she has not even been able to go to church except once. She has really been praying and believing for a miracle for this trip. SHE GOT HER MIRACLE! The night before we flew to Vienna she was feeling great and it has been the same for two days now as we've travelled all about Vienna and Budapest! Pray for the rest of the week.

WE LOVE YOU ALL, THANKS FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP! And thank you to all those who with their support made it possible for us to come to Budapest!


M said...

Hello, stumbled onto your blog via blogger. Congrats on the baby and I enjoyed reading your blog. Have a nice day.

Ben, Susanna, and little Camden said...

Hey! Thats so awesome you guys are at PeFerence (EuroCon). We miss your faces dearly, tell P. Tomas and Eva from prauge that we love them and wish we were there with you all. Have an absolute blast! And if you can stand it... make sure you tag along to the late night raps with pastor Schaller at the Turkish Restaurant. lol! Those were the best moments, even when you think he's not going he will grab a group at 11pm and go out there. PS> make sure someone explains the exact location to the taxi driver, even if it sounds like he understands you :)

Dave & Rachael said...

I am glad you got to go. Hope you are still feeling well.