Saturday, March 15, 2008

nothing less than a miracle

for those of you who knew that we had some serious problems with our return tickets, here's some shocking news: it's all good; we have return tickets for may 19th.
ok, ok. so with all of you praying it's not so shocking.
but still.
The situation was soooo messy... one manager from United said we had been completely erased from their system only showing a return ticket reserved for june 17th that could NOT be moved and threatened to discharged us if we didn't stop insisting.
There are many reasons why we wanted to be back in the States waaay before that. (one of them being that a group of 15 people is moving in our house end of may... )
Tonight when Jediah called for one last desperate attempt to get the date changed, he 'happened' to talk to the most helpful agent ever.
Well... thank you for praying...

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