Friday, June 06, 2008

some news

3 days ago, the founder of the GGWO ministry (of which we are a part of) Pastor Carl Stevens, passed away. What a deliverance for his old and weak body, and all those years of serving God and his people and anticipating meeting his Lord in heaven! We are sad but greatly rejoicing with him!
His 'face to face' service will be held on june 14th at 2 pm in Baltimore. Let's really pray for his dear wife Barbara and the family.

Jediah, along with a large group are headed to Marlboro, MA for the weekend. There's a Missions Conference organized yearly up there. Also Julie Delouis and Andy Lange will be married tomorrow at Rock Point State Park! P. Matti arrived last night. What a treat to see him this morning! Let's keep the exhibition in prayer. The reception / opening night is on the 19th at 6 pm.

Jediah and I moved back in to our apartment last week and are enjoying our little nest up on Frankford Avenue! We've already been given a beautiful craddle and crib. It's nice to have a Father who knows exactly what we need..!

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