Monday, December 13, 2010


Ok, so after walking in the neighborhood for 5 hours today and knocking on every single door, Jediah finally came upon a property with a duplex, each with 2 bedrooms. They are asking for more than we can afford but T.I.A! (THIS IS AFRICA) and we're going to meet with the owner tomorrow to bargain :) Please PRAY that he would be touched by God and give it to us for the price we can afford!!! The location is right (close to P Renaldo's house) safety is good (property has wall all around) and though the kitchen only has a sink in it, no cabinets etc, the entire place is in great condition!
We are somewhat in unbelief -yet believing- but if this works out for us it looks like we could move in in january...!! Which beats the 3 long months it took some team members to find a place.
The Armans place is a miracle, so we have faith ours can be too!

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Bog & Mely said...

On va prier très fort !!!!!
On vous aime.
Mel & ses hmes