Thursday, December 29, 2011

keep moving boys......!

so today the girls decided to go to their favorite market. Mandevu.
it's a bit crazy. (african market and crazy? that's just an oximoron.)
p chris dropped julie, sylvie and i off and gloup! here we are engulped (is that a word?) in this row after row of tiny open shops, here curtains are hung high, there men's shirts from all over the world -and worn by who knows how many pple before they got there?!?! how exciting is that?! (not!) then it's our fav spot, 3 big piles of clothes, all 5 pin each. $1. next to that i found 3 awesome tunics/dresses for 10 pin each. yup that's my kind of clothes shopping.
After being preached at by a guy totally drunk, finding a single tall curtain to make curtains for my kitchen and a lot of hand sanitizer we met up with p chris and headed for the other side of the market to visit Fred and Eunice. It was such a sweet time. and because mosquitos are feasting on my legs right now and i'm not getting up to find the spray -it's too late anyways- i'll just tell one small story of our time there. here we are in their over heated living room... sweating bullets. liliana is starting to get antsy, time to feed. when it's that hot it's almost impossible to do and stay decent. so! i decide to relocated to the kitchen that opens to the backyard. clouds are gathering for some imminent rain and so theres a cool(er) breeze coming thru. Eunice sits a tiny stool in one corner by the door, and in a few seconds lili's stomach is filling up nicely. that's when i notice that right there across from me are 2 boys sitting in corner!!!!
Me: hi!! and explode laughing.
next i'm concentrating on pple walking by, most are too hurried to realize there's a muzungu sitting in the doorway of this very poor house and not only that but she's breasfeeding. ouuuu! exciting. (lOl) a group of 4 boys walk by, 5 seconds later they are walking by again . and another 5 seconds and here they are again! this time a little slower... Keep moving boys!
it was quite the experience.

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