Tuesday, December 13, 2011

one week ...

today jediah is getting Liliana added to our Zambian visa. Lots of paperwork, copies, forms, pictures. I'm home, running between bedroom and toilet.... urgh. yeah.
So it's been a week. We're unpacked, back in business, house decorated for christmas, sleeping on normal zambian time. One of my goals this week is learning how to make chima (hopefully once and for all) it's the type of recipe that you pretty much eye ball, + everybody has a different way of explaining it... enough said. i'll just have to watch our neighbor make it a few times to draw a general conclusion on the matter. Chima is a polenta type of dough, it is white and made of water and finely ground maize. It's economically wonderful and quite the filler... Our kind landlady had planted some vegetables behind our house while we were gone and so now we have an aboundance of an equivalent of spinach, a growing plant of eggplants and a large 'bush' of basil and a few onions i think. We're thinking of planting sweet potatoes next. Such a great feeling to be eating out of that little patch!

Another blessing: an american family stayed at our house while we were in the states this summer (they were adopting a little zambian boy) and bought a washing machine which they offered to leave behind if we would just split the costs with them! now that's a luxury and a 1/2.
Kezia asked the other day: do we have a TV? when she heard we didn't, she was just in utter shock; but why??! she asked
ha! welcome to this side of the world, kezia. you're in for more surprises!!

Thanks to the Armans she has a big girl bed and even beautiful and girly sheets and comforter left behind by our summer renters! it's just amazing as i had totally forgotten to bring some with us.

Tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays we walk (with girls in double stroller) to P Renaldo's house for team meetings. it's a 25 mn brisk walk each way. Meetings start with 30 mn prayer,then 30 mn message, either cd fr balto or devotion by PR himself. Our girls play together under the watchful eye of Patience, young lady who lives with the Browns.Except for Liliana of course. we just make her take notes of the messages for now.

[bathroom interlude; uho! kezia has the chiki too...]

Our big preoccupation right now is to find a vehicule. Please keep that in prayer, it would allow us to be soooo much more mobile -of course- and overall make it a lot easier to get places as a family, visit pple where they live etc.

That's all -for now. i really hope our connection will be better soon so we can upload pictures. until next time!

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Rachael said...

Love & praying for your family. I was thinking of you tonight because Henry is very sick with a stomach virus & I got onto earthclinic to find some natural remedies for vomiting. We just force fed him some onion juice & peppermint tea. Hoping it works.