Tuesday, January 10, 2012


yup! we have finally found a car!!! after MANY many MAAAAAAAAAANY negotiations, and almost buying a car whose odometer had been tampered with (Jediah figured it out seconds after he had signed the papers -and so proceeded to rip them up) and looooots of prayers and waiting and invaluable help from P Bernard Ntalasha, voila!

it's a Spacio Toyota, a little beat up -even has a non-professional paint job, but looks great from a distance! and doesn't have any major issues -that we know of LOL- so we are just out of our brains estatic! :)

Thanks to all those who helped and prayed!!

here in our living room, praying after signing the contract.

3 times a week we walk up (we'll drive up fr now on!) to P Renaldo's house for team mtgs. Though we would get there all sweaty, those 25 mn brisk walks were most of the time quite enjoyable. 7 am. Slight breeze, blue skies, streets are already bustling (splg), Phil&Tedds stroller is perfect, Liliana is ready for her fist nap and Kezia is singing away the ride. Jediah and take advantage with nice talks or prayer time. Occasionally arguing. hey! no one's perfect.

most roads are dirt roads, and most of those have more potholes than actual road!
the last stretch of road (pic below) before P Renaldo's street has actually been 'fixed up!'

This precious lady, Charity, sells tomatoes, donuts and eggs. On New Year's Eve, her little shack got burnt down...heap of ashes behind her on pic. We helped her by providing whatever we could to build it back up. (she already had most of the wooden frame)

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Rachael said...

congrats!!! praise Jesus!