Tuesday, March 06, 2012


SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo much to write, so much to say.... abt the last month and a half.

Last sunday, we picked up Sam from Uganda,whom Jediah had met in Kitwe on outreach,for our service. He is a businessman, married to a zambian lady. While tending to a crazy toddler and a hungry baby- i overheard P Renaldo say; the end of your forgiveness is the end of your love...
I can't love someone beyond my willingness to forgive them. That is just soooooo amazing. Cutting to the core of things.

This morning on the way to the team mtg, jediah read to us the intro of the 1st chapter of the book *crowded to Christ* by L.E.Maxwell (founder of prairie b. inst. that Elizabeth Elliott went to)

" I am one of the Jews who escaped from Germany, Says Abraham Poljak. I thank God for all the strokes with which I was driven from the darkness to light. IT IS BETTER THAT WE ARRIVE BEATEN AND BLEEDING AT THE GLORIOUS GOAL THAN THAT WE DECAY HAPPILY AND CONTENTED IN DARKNESS. (...) We have lost our earthly support, but won the friendship of the ravens of Elijah. On the bitter ways of emigration we have found Jesus,the Riches of all worlds."


The girls are growing and keeping us busy. oh and Liliana is crawling!

On our way back from Kitwe we stopped in Kabue and met a missionary family of 10 kids from Annapolis,MD (!!!) who work on a dairy farm and pastor a church and orphanage. Great people. One of their sons got sprayed by a cobra while we were there!!ha! it was epic..
Here the father, looking for the cobra. It was not their first one.

We are LOVING having a car and have been visiting pple in the church and other acquaintances in their own homes -which is a totally different experience.

P ENOCH and his wife FRANCESCA. 2 pillars in the Lusaka ch. While visiting we got to ask a lot of questions abt Zambia's history and got an amazing timeline by p Enoch. Fr Queen of England to Sata!

P PAUL & AGNES and kids in Ngombe. One of the branch churches in Lusaka.

Julie's birthday!! It was a fun time.

.................and now the picture of the week......................

see that homemade sprinkler?!

THIS WEEK we are looking forward to:

* the Singles mtg on saturday, which Jediah leads;
* visiting a couple from the church, Fred and Eunice on wednesday;
* hanging out with Jediah's new friend fr South Africa, Wezi;
* training Liliana to fall asleep on her own and having a tighter schedule during the day wh will hopefully help her no wake up at night... (sigh)
* learning a couple more songs in nyanja
* P Renaldo's team devotional on thursday; they are always very practical and inspirational
* going on more family walks or jogs

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