Monday, November 26, 2012


We just got our return to Zambia tickets! Praise God! Though we only bought one way tickets it was still a large sum, and we are so thankful on this pre-thanksgiving particularly- that we were able to purchase them! we will be leaving on a thursday december 20th! Stopping in France (since we were already scheduled to stop in europe) and will spend Christmas with my sweet sister Melody and her amazing family.
and their adorably delicious FABIEN, 4 & ALYCIA, 1 They are missionaries in France. Please keep them in your prayers! France is less than 1% evangelical. that's right, not even 1%!! A week after that Jediah will head over to Lusaka, Zambia while i stay in france with the girls another couple weeks. The plan is that he will land in Lusaka, probably stay with team members for a night or two, rent a truck and a driver, load up the truck with our belongings, and head up north -abt 6 hrs- and move in our new 'miracle house', in KITWE where the Speedy family has been living for 4 years. So the countdown has started, technically 2 weeks to pack the house, then our wish is to find a place to move into for our last few days here. This should enable us to vacate our place properly and move anything we are storing away -still looking for a place for that- during those last days. SOME GOOD MEMORIES FROM LAST YEAR:

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