Saturday, August 31, 2013


I was folding laundry in my in-laws laundry room, mind is drifting, random picture words and thoughts, eyes lost in the pipes on the unfinished ceiling. "dogs leave lemon scented pawprints on our hearts" I repeated it a few times still in a daze before it hit some neurons. Really??! where the heck did this thought come from? i couldn't help but crack a smile while looking around for a clue. finally on my left the 2 culprits. i must have read the label and the quote half subconsciously and my brain took it from there. 1 was an all purpose lemon scented cleaner, and the other a little ceramic heart that read; dogs leave pawprints on our hearts.
And that's just random reading. Now... how far PURPOSELY reading, watching, hearing can go.
On both ends of the spectrum...
Purposefully listening to gossip- accidental gossip is really rare, one most always allows it to happen.
Purposefully reading unedifying, empty, negative, lustful, VAIN content.
And then there's..
Purposely stopping to watch the sunset, stare into my eldest daughter's eyes, feel a warm breeze come and go and carry scents of wood, moss, moisture; reading spirit inspiration, soul edification, taking in divine direction, self-love and worth.
Dogs will most always leave mud pawprints. Better watch where i let my dog-mind wander.
My thoughts on this lovely, quiet saturday afternoon.
Lili is napping, Kezia is watching Dino Dan or something to that effect, Daddy has rocked Oceana to sleep. All is well.

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