Wednesday, August 08, 2007

kindness of a stranger

... today we met a young lawyer in the tram who pulled out of his bag a present he had just bought in Egypt and gave it to us... that's how kind people are here/ we have his email and phone and will call him back for coffee. A similar encounter happens everyday!!


Gracefamily said...

Great to hear news from you everyday, i stay updated and rejoice with you - with an expectation to see what wonderful things God will do in your lives in response to your obedience to be there by faith, to follow Him only and fix your eyes on Him.
love you so much and miss you, guys.

you are great EXAMPLES of faith.

Zumrad and the MArians

jed&sarah said...

wow, thanks . Zumrad YOU are the one that is an example as far as obeying by faith!!!! We love you and just CANNOT wait til you get here!!!

K4ll4m said...

I also follow your blog, although not daily. (-: I love seeing your views of the same places I saw in person a few months ago. Say hello to my Turkish friends, Tanaz and Shiela. Love ya, Les