Saturday, September 15, 2007

waiting for the team house to be ready (+ pics of Jed's birthday below)

We just got a promotion; we moved from the 1st floor to the 4th, and from a muslim's apartment to a pastor's dwelling place. P matti kindly offered to share his 2 bedroom apart with us for the next 4 days. (does he really know what he's got himself into? ... not so sure) so this morning we moved out of our place, met with the new renters, they gave us money for the 2cnd half of the sept rent; a few minutes later our landlord joined the party, as planned, and half scared us to death.

As Jediah was pulling our contract out of his pocket he asks our landlord if he brought our deposit -which he had agreed to give us back when we left. At that moment, and in an explosion of words and gestures, Suleman tries to grab the contract out of Jediah's hands and yells:

"I will not give you your money!!"

As Jediah tightens his grip on the contract, Suleman explodes again -but in laughter this time. He thought his joke was extremely funny. ll 4 of us soon joined in the laughing though it was a rather nervous laugh on our part...
It was so easy leaving our cozy little aprt. I don't know why exactly except that we are sooo ready for more adventures. (I think the team house will amply provide us with a daily dose of adventure -smiles-)

i'm sitting at p matti's desk in his bedroom, on his computer. he is such a simple man. no pretentions at all. Jed and him left for a soccer game, like they have every sat night with a good group of Turkish guys.

P Matti's 2 desires for this fall was to have Bible College classes and a choir. Both are happening. At least one is and the other is about to happen in 3 days. Yes our first B C class is going to be held on Tuesday night! and the choir is already practicing their second song. It consists of 4 men. It's very precious. I was actually the one that brought up the idea of a men's choir. I have always loved men's choirs. I also have to confess that i was trying to avoid it at all cost...isn't that terrible? and to confess that on a christian blog. pure decadence.


lunch at the foot of the Galata Tower

listening to his niece singing happy birthday!

and behind us a box of oranges fell over, the content spilling on the street and rolling down !!

celebrating with friends at the church

delicious chocolate-raspberry cake from local pastry shop

Azeri tradition wants that the birthday person gets his ears pulled once for each year that has passed. 'ouch' x 27

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