Saturday, September 15, 2007

WE GOT JOBS (that is 2 weeks ago, sorry for the delay)

"Active English Learning" is the name of this language school for adults. It's located about 1 hour away using the comfortable AC metro or tram; 30-40 mn in the over crowded and over heated buses, but only 20 mn in the 'formula one' mini-buses! (I screamed the whole way there the first time we got in one- it's sensational to say the least) That's me Sarah, by the way. (Jediah wanted to make sure it was clear that it wasn't him screaming in the van!) Though it's quite far away, we enjoy the change of scenery and always enjoy our time there.
The program is great. It hardly requires any preparation at all. Classes are at night for the most part (7:30 - 9:30) and each class is 2 hours of constant talking, gesturing, moving etc... except for a 15 mn break half way through. The method, which requires 13 months of dedication from the students, has very impressive results.
We're only teaching about 6-8 hours a week each for now, and don't plan to do too much more as to not take away from the rest of our activities.
We became friends with 2 teachers there, among others, her name is Sarah - from Utah and her husband's Moyad form Irak. A wonderful couple with the cutest 3 kids you've ever seen. (They remind me of my favorite kids- the Karowich's - ....i'm almost a 100% sure i got the spelling wrong) They have been looking for a church for a long time, and visited us last sunday. Unfortunately for us, they are moving back to the States soon.
Please pray for Murat, Saheed, Aissa, Rudi, Duncan, Derya, Mariam, Gozde and all the many others we are in contact with there!

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