Monday, March 24, 2008


SATURDAY NIGHT: 1st Concert in Onay Sanat Cafe, in the heart of Istiklal Street

Here Jediah and his good friend Faruk. Please keep praying for his salvation!!

Elina flew in from Finland with her violin and her gifts to serve us during this Easter Season. She beautified the choir and added a wonderfully heavenly touch with her music.

My friend Umran (on the R, with scarf) who lives in Kadikoy on the Asian Side came for a little while with her friend, Nur, before heading out to another concert in Taksim. Umran is a fan of Rock music - she plays in a band and so i'm sure our concert was not what she was used to! On top of that she is a devotted muslim and i could tell she was a little uncomfortable when P Matti was preaching; it's amazing she even showed up. She is so sweet. Please keep praying for her.

Our neighboor, Nazife, came to the concert as well, with very little notice.

The next morning at 6:30 am, Nazife and her sister, Aynur, were both waiting outside our house to come with us to the SUNRISE BREAKFAST in a Park nearby.

L to R:
P Matti, a great Turkish man (oops, i forget his name) Jediah, Sarah, Aynur, Zumrad and Nazife. Nazife then attended the church service at 11 am and showed up for the 2cnd concert, sunday night, with her daughter, Shebo. Shebo's both an artist and a flight attendant with the Turkish Airline. She asked me if we could meet to pratice her english and she'd help me with Tukish. Neither her nor her mom are believers.
There was no sun for our sunrise breakfast, but P matti spoke on seeing the invisible; it was a perfect live illustration!!! Later we noticed a famous Turkish painter up on the hill, he was painting the same scene we were looking at but his had a sunrise ;)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Do you realize how amazing what is happening there is? Maybe you need to read your own blog every day.. That is so awesome. I love all the pictures. I wish I could meet everyone . Maybe someday. We are continually praying for you all. I saw Pastor Lugi and Isabell today. They are such dear people to us. Later Mom T