Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, today was such a poopy day. I know that's not what you came to hear about, but sorry, that's just how it is. Should I blame it on the hormones? maybe i should and stop wondering.

We did have a great prayer meeting with the ladies from the church this afternoon (Dr. Liisa fr Finland, Margot fr Chermany, Irada fr Azerbaijan, Alfiya and Zamira fr Uzbekistan, and yours truly from where i come from; all speaking the universal english language)

We have a great and busy weekend coming up in honor of the celebration of Easter:
Concert Saturday night (Elina is flying from Finland for that occasion, with her violin of course) I think we'll try to keep her here. Not for the violin; I have my reasons.
Sunday Sunrise breakfast in a nearby park. 'Bring your breakfast, tables and benches are provided. and sunrise"
The view is sublime from there, it's going to be sweet.
Then regular AM service at 11 and another concert at night. The concerts are happening in the Santa Maria Church and in the Onay Sanat Concert Hall on Istiklal for those who are familiar. Great spots to invite friends.

Last night our corner grocery owner told jediah he'd be interested in the breakfast in the park. (you might remember him, he's the one that looks like Joe Murphy, but is not AS good-looking as J.M.)

Jediah just left for Eminonu (2 tram stops away) to meet Taygun for 'Cay'.

Last sunday morning was a remarkable service. P Matti spoke about the value of meditation and defined it in clear terms for our new believers. Good refresher for us 'old' believers as well.
"Without meditation (masticating on words) Bible reading becomes mechanical." Wow. that's a major revelation :)
And so we live our lives by e-v-e-r-y Word that God spoke, and still speaks. It's a good life, like Matt Sliva would put it.


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about a real poopy day Dad Tang

Anonymous said...

Ok Jediah was maybe 2, he had an accident in the bathroom trying to make it to the toilet. Janet cleaned up the mess with a bath towel and left it by the tub. I came home from work and jumped in the shower reached out and grabbed the closest towel and started wipping my head. I went postal I was chasing Janet around the house stark naked trying to wipe her head with the same poopy towel. Dad Tang

melissious said...

Ha ha ha!!! I was going to leave the sweetest comment before I read that! Oh my gosh, that should be published in a magazine!

Sarah, thank you for your honest post. The hormones are a pain... and it never really helps to blame it on the hormones... we still get down on ourselves for being "poopy." You're so amazing. Praying for you and can't wait to see you in a couple of months!

Anonymous said...

Hey that might be funny to you, but it did not exactly fo that way. I never knew about the poopy towel. My very independent , cabable son worked out his own problem and left the towel all by himself. My husband did not believe I knew nothing of it. And asked how I could not have smelled it. I said it must have just happened soon before he arrived but why could he not smell it????? Well the chase was the way it was but he never did catch me. Now you know the rest of the story.