Wednesday, April 16, 2008

we made it!

so....! Jediah and I arrived in Baltimore safely monday night. Many people were surprised to see us already (some decided that since we were here Convention had already started!) but there wasn't more surprised than Jediah's mom and dad who certainly weren't expecting to see us sitting on their back porch, hiding behind newspapers at 10 pm. It was delightful to see their reaction. Somehow it feels like we never left. Is that why it's called 'home'? Home base is certainly the place for us right now. ABD yesterday was fantastic. Unfortunately I slept through half of it as it was already 2 am for me... P Schaller mentioned P matti's trip to Baku at both the lunch rap and the night class. He seemed so inspired by the testimony of his time there!
So we are staying with my parents for the time being, and boy is that a treat. They are so fun and edifying and caring. We were able to get our car back right away which is an added blessing and allows us to be everywhere for everything.

After a week of packing - my best packing experience ever - and saying goodbye to everyone we know in Istanbul God gave us a sweet travel time and an added blessing. On the second plane from Franfurt to Dulles, we were asked to move to other seats and ended up sitting next to a wonderful man, a minister, with whom Jediah spoke for quite a while. At the end of the trip he handed us some money to 'help get us started' ($100!!!) Needless to say that God is a timely God.

If you live in Istanbul and you're reading this, make sure to write us an email soon. We had such a great time with Niyazi and Irada just before we left, what an amazing couple they are (see for specific prayer requests for them)
Can't wait also to hear from the KURDISTAN team, and specifically from Becky/ pumkin/ mouthful.

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Dave & Rachael said...

so glad you are home! I read your blog this morning and then saw your faces at service tonight via the internet. how sweet. we miss you!