Sunday, April 13, 2008

written on a day when the team house seemed to be beyond my capacity! (you will recognize Amy Carmichael's "My Quietness" Poem, slightly modified)

Where is My Quietness ?
By Sarah Carmichael

O Thou Who art my quietness, my deep repose,
My rest from the kitchen, my holy and steep hill,
Fair is The small bedroom, where I hold me still.
Back let them fall from me, my clamorous neighbors,
Languages multiplied;
From crowding meals and meetings of sense I flee, and in Thee hide.
Until this team house be overpast,
Thy hand will hold me fast;
What though the tumult of the storm increase,
Grant to thy servant strength, O Lord,
and bless with peace.

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Anonymous said...

Go for a walk, Dad Tang