Thursday, May 02, 2013


This is my new sweet friend Memory! and her almost 3 month old baby girl Nalu. She heard abt our church on the radio while she was veeery pregnant and couldn't go anywhere and started coming to our meetings after having her baby. Her 2 sisters Jessica and Jedida and niece Lisa come with her as well. 
She is married to an ex-muslim who 'aparenty' join catholicism, but is definitely not born again. This makes their marriage a very complicated and growingly difficult situation. She visited last thursday and we spent the whole afternoon talking, eating, laughing, staring at her beautiful baby.. Memory is a truck driver!! She resumed work this week and to her discouragement was told that she couldn't work in the office as had originally been planned but would have to get behind the wheel as they are short of drivers... or quit her job pretty much. Some assignments take her hundreds of miles away from Kitwe and can potentially be overnight trips. She is very nervous about it, considering that her daughter is so little and doesn't take the bottle easily. She is going to try it out and make a decision down the road if things don't work out but right now her family really needs the money. 
The newest development with her husband, as of 2 weeks ago, is that he told her he didn't want her to attend church anymore. Last night, as he was on an overseas trip, she came to our mid-week service, somethig was heavy on her heart.. A friend of hers had offered to watch her baby on a certain day and brough along with her... nothing less than a demon. A woman -who had never met Memory before- but was claiming to be a prophet from God, started telling her that her strong advice to her is that she leaves her husband, start looking right away for a new place to move to, that her husband is the cause for bad spirits in the house, that he's a womanizer and she will get many diseases from him if she stays with him, but that if she leaves him, she will have peace and become wealthy......... and on and on she went. She finished her vomitting with a bottle of 'oil' that Memory is to mix with everything she eats, drink, her bath water and so on, to keep evil spirits away.... yup, TIA!
Memory told me she was at loss for words, but did manage to ask her for bible verses to back up her 'prophecy' to which she was told that she didn't have any and would have to get back to her on that..
I was so mad. Africa is loaded with these kind of people. They make me sick. [Oh, we -in america/europ-have our own types of disgustingly hyper-spiritual, demon influenced so called christians, they just are a little more subtle]. Their lips move with the devils fingers and they utter words such as, in the name of Jesus, it's God's will for you, bla, bla, BLA.
I told her my advice was to never let that lady in her house again. Jediah added under his breath, maybe she's after her husband! lol.... We talked abt the institution of marriage, how sacred that is, later Benson (who's leading the church in p adam's absence) told her that she was not alone in this difficult marriage and that we are her family. Please pray for her with me! It's obvious the devil is going at it from every possible angle. She had said to me earlier that every time someone from the church comes to her house she felt peace come over her house. We are talking abt possibly having a small weekly gathering for ladies around the bible at her house. 

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