Friday, August 10, 2007


Nyazi is our official Turkish teacher! He is great. His wife who is Azeri also attends the classes.
Here are a few words to give you an idea of what Turkish is like. I couldn’t include the special accents.

1 Bir
2 Iki
3 Uc
4 Dirt
5 Bes
6 Alti
7 Yedi
8 Sekiz
9 Dokuz
10 On

Hello! = MERHABA! (roll the R and accentuate the H)

Good Bye! = GULE GULE! (said by one staying, literally means: Go smiling!)

Yes/No = EVET / HAYIR (Janet, you were right, i had written the wrong word!!)

Diarrhea = ISHALIM (yep, we’ve had our first Turkish one) :-(

How much is this? = KAC LIRA?

Sunday = PAZAR (day of the market; bazar)

Monday = PAZARTESI (day after the day of the market!)


Dad Tang said...

I'm looking forward to having one of those potatoes. Work is a little slow, pray for some good jobs to come my way. We love you and miss you. May your ears be sharp to hear God's voice.

Mama T said...

Mom says hi! she just left for the beach but now shel be able to leave comments.

petro said...

Glad to see you guys are doing great, sounds like you having a blast.Turkey looks gorgeous.


htanguay said...

miss you guys!