Friday, August 10, 2007

ISTANBUL the beautiful

ORTAKOY CAMII, originally a church
Going site seeing is definitely our least expensive- yet enjoyable
choice for a date!
Turkish lovers

I couldn't resist...! what a clash of cultures

Garip, Jediah, Sadek and P. Matti
waiting for the rest of the group in front of the Egyptian Bazar
Gypsy girls in Tuzla, they sang for me and snapped
their fingers in the most unusual fashion!
'Cok Guzel'

Nyazi and Irada, we have so much fun with them!
(Below eating a baked potatoe filled wih just about
everything you can think of!)

On the ferry, saturday morning going to Tuzla with the team,
in search of divine encounters.
waiting at the tram station
(Taksim is where the old church bulding was - we'll post pics of the new one soon)

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htanguay said...

Hey! great pictures, looks like fun! miss you two! ;) love, ~Hayley~